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Circuit Blvd., Inc presents its CINABRO architecture at OCP US Summit 2018.

We presented our CINABRO architecure on March 21st at OCP US Summit 2018. CINABRO is a software driven, open flash array architecture for scalable cloud storage services. It is a disaggregated flash array storage systems based on COTS server components. The architecture potentially removes redundancies across SSD units and leverage much more powerful and cost-effective server CPU/memory. Its flash controllers carry out only the core features that are absolutely required to be performed in hardware. All the remaining features, which include FTLs/flash array managers/optimizers, execute as software on the COTS server based platform. Thus, the aforementioned first problem can be addressed by continuously adapting the host array software to diverse cloud storage requirements. Second problem can be addressed by rapidly integrating the noncomplex yet robust CINABRO flash controllers with the latest NANDs, including 3D TLC and QLC devices. In the presentation, we covered CINABRO architecture, its open source software and open hardware characteristics, development status and plans. Our prototype is built of OpenSSD, Open-Channel SSD interface, SPDK (Storage Performance Development Kit) , NVMe-oF, Docker and Kubernetes.

You can see the recorded presentation in the video below.


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